For optimal employee wellness during organisational change and development, Building Resilience is South Africa’s trusted specialist 

Building Resilience is guaranteed to increase employee wellness to enable employees to better cope with stress, challenges and tough times, which are critical during times of organisational change and development in and around South Africa.   From factory staff to specialists to top management, Building Resilience is essential training and development to ensure optimal coping with home and work stress.  Your staff will be more efficient, more effective and better equipped to handle stress, all of which will result in happier, more successful staff who experience greater wellbeing.

Based in South Africa, we work with many government and private sector clients, from local, national and provincial government departments to banking and insurance companies.  We run several training courses:

Resilience Training Overview

Resilience Training: Building Resilience

Resilient Leadership Training

Mental Strength Training

Life After Retrenchment Training

Our training sessions work! Participants walk away from the Building Resilience workshops and training sessions fired up and equipped with practical skills to tackle adversity and cope with the stresses of everyday life.

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Resilience training: Be more effective and happier at work and home

Choosing Building Resilience training means more than just achieving personal wellness and balance:

  • Inspiration  We consistently score 92% delegate satisfaction rate!  They say we inspired them, motivated them, and provided excellent facilitation 
  • Experience.    Rod Warner has over 13 years training in Southern Africa, Australia and the UK to  provide practical tools for organisational development and change management programmes and is an expert in Resilience, presenting at several conferences annually. 
  • Better Results  Key to our success is our interactive training.  We don’t just roll out the same training for each client.  We tailor the programme to each individual client’s needs … and even to the delegate’s needs on the day! We engage our delegates and know how to deliver training to suit their learning style, giving the best results! 
  • Practical, tested tools.  Our Resilience training is built on the seven resilience principles.  Delegates say the practical strategies and tools are invaluable and easy to implement. 

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Building Resilience will enhance and maximise employee wellness during times of stress and difficult changes and day to day challenges. 

South Africa

Rod Warner

Rod is based in Cape Town and heads up Building Resilience. He has wide consulting experience and in-depth experience in learning, design facilitation and skills development. He has researched, developed interventions, presented and published in the field in building resilience, change management and organisational performance. He has held positions heading up HR and Development; managing national administration teams and a national sales force for Old Mutual. He has a degree in psychology and economics and a postgraduate teachers diploma and is a Chartered HR Practitioner with the South African Board of Personal Practice. He is married with two adult children, three grandchildren and has run over 100 marathons and ultra marathons, including 20 Comrades Marathons.


Tony Ansara

Tony is based in Johannesburg  and has held senior leadership roles with AECI, Ernst & Young, and THETA . Tony combines more than 25 years of successful business leadership experience in South Africa, almost 10 years as an independent leadership strategy and cultural transformation consultant. Tony is a proven excellent coach and master coach providing services to the top teams of many South Africa’s top listed companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He is the South African license holder for the UK-based and coaching stress organisation which offers signature program that coaching masterclass senior leaders. Over 500 senior leaders from prominent global organisations attending this performance-driven development programme. Tony and his wife of 32 years, Glynis, live in Fourways Gardens, Johannesburg with their two sons.  In his spare time he enjoys running and has completed six Comrades Marathons.


Ant Ryan

Anthony is based in Cape Town and has a broad range of managerial experience, with a special interest in change management and organization design. He is a Life Coach and is committed to helping individuals achieve their full potential. Some of his greatest learning have come through business redesign processes when he was a HR Manager in a multinational company. He has extensive experience in the NGO and education sectors, and retains an ongoing interest in assisting underfunded organisation to grow and thrive. He is a firm believer in the power of collective genius and he is energized when facilitating groups of people who expect great things from themselves.
Ant has studied at both local and overseas universities and has an MA,MPhil,BEd(Hons) and PMD and considers himself a life long learner.


James Forson

James is based in Johannesburg and has had extensive experience as a general management consultant. His present interests are due diligence studies and corporate governance. His recent assignments have entailed leading and integrating the work of technical specialists on complex projects while managing the interface with clients. Other interventions that James has led include organisational realignment and restructuring, change management design and project management, mentoring and coaching of senior executives, organisational audits, strategic planning and strategic support. For fun James is currently re-reading Classical Greek and Roman literature in translation. For more details about James, visit his website: Forson Consulting


Karen Allen

Karen AllenBased in Cape Town and with a strong IT background, Karen has extensive experience in technical leadership, delivering in high pressure environments, customer engagement, coaching and mentoring and project management. Karen is a qualified coach and facilitator as well as a motivational speaker. Her coaching passions focus on authentic living (being true to the purpose for which you were created), developing and playing to your unique strengths, and understanding your core values thus enabling decision-making that supports them. Karen also has a passion for marriage coaching, setting up a strong foundation and equipping couples to create a marriage that will last a lifetime. Karen thrives on living life to the full and creating hope. She lives in Bergvliet with her husband and two children.



Bray Cohen

Bray is based in Melbourne and designs and delivers leadership training programs with diverse methodologies to address the development and education needs of teams and individuals ranging from senior executives to sales people. Bray believes that everybody has leadership potential and it aims to connect its clients to the unique essence of that leadership – to be authentic. Authentic leadership captures the hearts and minds of people and can make extraordinary things happen. His client list boasts a number of the top ASX listed companies but also not for profits, community organisations and governmental departments. Bray brings passion and lifelong study to understand and to support others in understanding and applying what it takes to lead, particularly to navigate the uncharted waters of increasing levels of complexity