Building Resilience: a crucial South African Management Course

Building Resilience Leadership training is designed as a Management Course for managers who implement strategy, manage teams and implement large-scale changes.  Leaders will build personal resilience and use this resilience in leading their teams during times of change to address uncertainty and resistance, coach resilience and create positive, stronger teams.  Ultimately enabling staff to ‘bounce back’ and improving employee wellness and ensuring successful strategy implementation and change take-up.

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Align your leaders 

For practical Management course developed for South African business leaders, choose the Building Resilience Leadership training.  Our experienced trainers will deliver specialist training to enable your leaders to maintain ‘business as usual’ during times of widespread organisational change.   This will in turn enable them to exercise Resilient leadership and introduce change while keep team members focused and able to cope with stress during times of unwanted change.  The result will be team members who are engaged and change adaptive rather than change weary. The outcome is successful strategy implementation.

Choose the Building Resilient Leadership training as your Management Course 

The resilience training is all based on extensive research.  The Resilience Book has been written on the subject and is the foundation of the skills and tools  taught on training course.  The training makes use of all learning modalities and includes storytelling, group discussions, applying practical tools and reflective sessions, culminating in a personalised back-to-work application strategy.

 After attending the Resilient Leadership Management course, you will learn how to:

  • Build and manage your own resilience
  • Assess your team’s resilience and change readiness
  • Manage uncertainty and build trust
  • Create realistic positivity in your work team
  • Understand and deal with resistance to change
  • Coach individuals to enhance their resilience
  • Develop a back-to-work strategy to enhance your team’s resilience

CLICK HERE to download the brochure for Resilient Leadership Training

Ensure your leaders are personally resilient; ready to implement strategy by managing the change and stress that it can bring.

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