Change Management Process in South Africa 

The South African Building Resilience training ensures your staff have the tools to cope with stress and to ‘bounce back’ during stressful change management processes or events.  They will remain focused and most importantly stay calm and healthy during times of extreme difficulty and stress.  And it’s not just major changes that require resilience.  Every day stresses and strains can impact on a person’s well being and their productivity in the workplace.

The Building Resilience training will teach practical tools to build inner resourcefulness and strength to withstand and triumph during uncertainty and stressful situations at work and home.

  • Ways to deal with stress.  Apply these immediately at work and home to enhance personal resilience.
  • Keep stress in check.    Prevent stress negatively affecting your work, colleagues and family.
  • Adaptability.  Learn how to adapt during stressful times.
  • Fulfillment.  Experience more hope, optimism and positivity.

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Lean how to Deal with Stress  

Our every day world is filled with threat, disappointment and pain.  It can often be a struggle to cope with stressful jobs and with home pressures.  The Building Resilience training helps delegates cope with everything from the daily pressures of the work / life balance to huge change management processes in the workplace.

But it’s more than stress management.  Learn how to ‘bounce back’ from these situations and also how to ‘bounce higher’.  You’ll learn how to cope with adversity and struggle to emerge stronger and more resourceful.

After attending our Resilience workshops you will gain:

  • Insight.  Find out what undermines your  personal resilience.
  • Practical Tools.  Learn techniques and skills to build your personal resilience.
  • Strategies.  How to maintain your resilience in the face of work and home pressures.

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Coping with Stress

With the resilience training, delegates learn to use practical tools to help cope in every day difficult situations at work and home, as well as coping with prolonged stress.  The training is underpinned by the Resilience Book and will help enable happiness, confidence and focus in order to achieve fulfillment in the face of adversity. You will bounce back stronger.  You’ll be ready to achieve your goals and experience success and fulfillment.  All our training is based on extensive South African research and incorporates all the learning modalities, including interactive sessions, group work, shared experiences and self reflection, culminating in a personalised back-to-work resilience strategy.

The training caters for all levels of employees….. from clerical and specialist staff to middle and senior managers.  It is recommended all line managers attend Resilient Leadership Training

Mental strength 

Learn how to be mentally strong to persist in the face of difficulties.  With our Mental Strength Training, delegates learn the processes and tools to remain composed under pressure and less vulnerable to slumps at work and home. They learn how to choose different ways of interpreting events in their lives. They  create a different story of what happens in their lives.

Beat the Dark Side of Greatness

Success at work often comes with a heavy price in other areas of life. Personal strengths can become weaknesses, and you struggle to be the loving partner and parent you would like to be. Beat the Dark Side of Greatness training explores how you may be unconsciously self-sabotaging your success. Walk away with practical plans to boost the effectiveness of your strengths, reduce the impact of your stress triggers and increase balance in your life.

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