Resilience resources – articles and brochures

Resilient Leadership Interview

Voice of the Cape radio interview about Resilience, Resilient Leadership and Mental Strength on 1 March, 2016

The Building Resilience Handbook

Use your inner resourcefulness and resilience for successful life coaching and personal development skills. From school teachers and sales staff to team leaders and executive managers, we show you how you can thrive in the face of life’s challenges. Learn how to build inner strength and resourcefulness to withstand, bounce back and recover from stress and difficulties in life both in the workplace and at home. Written by Rod Warner.

“Mind blowing! Implementing these practical exercises has made me a better person” Fanuel Kakuiya, Senior Superintendent, South African Police Services

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Bounce Back – Resilience

A short article about Resilience – Bounce Back written by Rod Warner on the value of Bounce Back as part of a celebration of over 254 values for organisations and people to live by. Warner, R. (2013) Bounce back. In P. Somers & K. Stephenson (eds), A World Book of Values (p. 296) Van Halewyck.

Building Personal Resilience At Work

An article on practical strategies to build personal resilience at work, written by Rod Warner and Prof. Kurt April of University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Warner, R., & April, K., (2012) Building personal resilience at work. Effective Executive, 15 (4), 53-68. ISSN 0972-5172

Seven Principles of Building Resilience: Practical Ways of Growing Through Adversity

Download an article  on the seven principles of building resilience and what you can practically do to enhance both your and your teams’ resilience. RB Warner “Seven principles of building resilience: practical ways of growing through adversity”, People Dynamics, September 2009.

Strategy and Resilience

A visionary strategy that delivers competitive advantage will require change. People engagement is necessary, but not sufficient on its own to ensure success of organisational change. People resilience is the vital element in making strategy work. Resilience enables at all levels of the organisation cope with setbacks, unwelcome change and keep the pressures from work and life changes positive. Download a brochure on how to ensure strategy fitness by building the resilience of Leaders and Team Members.

Building personal resilience

An article on how to build personal resilience: Warner, R.B. (2007) “Staying the course: Building personal resilience for successful organizational change” The Journal of Convergence, 5, 2, 20-23


Personal resilience at work is the ability to remain task focused and productive whilst experiencing tough times. Resilience at work has many beneficial consequences, and together with change readiness activities is central to successful implementation of large scale change initiatives. Resilience is examined and it is defined as the life force to overcome adversity, heal and strive towards self actualization and flourishing. A study is described which was designed to elicit the building blocks of personal resilience, so that it can be developed and enhanced in the workplace. Training implications are considered.

Building Resilience Brochure

Our brochure about Resilience Training  which gives details of our approach and learning outcomes.

Resilient Leadership Brochure

Our brochure about training for leaders to be personally resilient and to exercise that resilience in their leadership to their team, coaching team members resilience to deliver high performance.

Mental Strength Brochure

Our brochure about the training to remain composed under pressure and to persevere in the face of difficulties.

Life after Retrenchment Brochure

Our brochure which gives details of our approach to retrenchment assistance and learning outcomes

Beat the Dark Side of Greatness

Our brochure which gives details of how to achieve success at work and home ….. without losing your soul.

Questionnaire: “What Do You Know About Resilience?”

A free short questionnaire to test how much you know about resilience. The scoring key is at the end of the quiz.

Exercises: “Developing Signature Strengths”

A great list of suggestions to develop your strengths, based on the VIA Survey on Character. Included with permission of the generous authors Tayyab Rashid & Afroze Anjum.

Coping With Resilience in Tough Times

An article on how to cope with adversity. Warner, R.B. “Coping with resilience in tough times” Management Today, February 2009, 55

Survivor Syndrome: Effects on Middle Managers in South Africa

An article on the original South African research into the effects that retrenchment of colleagues has on the unaffected staff remaining in organisations. A classic which is seldom acknowledged in South Africa and the world in general.  Weisner, R., Vermeulen, L.P., Litter. C. R., “Survivor Syndrome: Effects on Middle Mangers in South Africa” SAJEMS Vol 2 (1999) No 3

Ensure successful strategy implementation by training resilience

A PowerPoint slide show illustrates how personal resilience is the crucial ingredient in strategy roll-out.

Why wellness strategies fail and how to make them work

A PowerPoint slide show demonstrates how to link the wellness strategy to areas of organisational wellness pain, and the critical role of training personal resilience.

Creating employee engagement and sustainable business performance

A PowerPoint story of how Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation created employee engagement and sustainable business performance. Open space technology, contracting between processes and building personal resilience were key elements that resulted in measurable business improvements.