Myth 4: Resilient people stay resilient over the normal passage of time.


Some people think that if you are resilient you should be able to remain resilient over long periods of time.


IMG_2179This is not the case however. Even resilient people experience down periods in their lives – they experience hardships, difficulties, betrayals and bereavements just like anyone else. At difficult times like these, their resilience slips and they too experience negative feelings of fear, disappointment, frustration and anger as everyone else.


Resilience is not a magic potion that makes you immune to the problems of life. What sets resilient people apart and makes them resilient, is the way they react to and cope with challenge and adversity. They will tell you that bad times don’t last forever. Resilient people will say that one needs to persevere through the tough times, not give up hope that things will get better. They intuitively know and believe with great conviction that there are ups as well as downs in life and that the downs don’t last forever.


Resilient people experience the same bad things and tough times as people who are less resilient. The difference is the way resilient people cope with the tough times enables them to experience less negative effects and to recover quicker.