• Old Mutual
  • Momentum Life
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation
  • Local, Provincial and National Government administration
  • Nokia Siemens Networks
  • The Office Plant
  • SA Police Force
  • Ilima Trust
  • Old Mutual Investments
  • TAL, Australia

Comments from delegates on our workshops

“Thanks this was excellent. It was a life changing experience for me. Keep up the good work and keep turning negative people into positive. You are making the world a better place.” Supervisor, Inbound Call Centre.

“This was really a good experience and I felt that the workshop should be presented regularly to SA Police Service. We tend to fall into everyday negativity and sometimes forget how to be positive, resilient. Thanks!!!”  Station Commander, SA Police Services.

“This was really a fantastic experience. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills. It will change my life.” Project Manager, Information Technology.

“Great program which I will take my partner through. It made me realise the importance of being resilient for my team. It has had a profound impact on me.”  Factory engineer, Sugar Mill.

“The workshop has touched my life – thank you.” Actuary, Insurance Company.

“The workshop was so fantastic. I wish that all the educators and Principals were here. It brought about change in my lifestyle. As from today, I am going to live a positive life and wont let the circumstances squash my strengths. The workshop was so fruitful!”  Teacher, Eastern Cape.

“In the workshop I have seen that my successes have shown me my strengths. I usually focus on weaknesses. I have been able to develop my resilience which will help me cope with my very stressful job.” Legal Advisor, Financial Services.

“After the workshop I will conduct my usual Municipal Managers meeting very differently. They will see a completely different person. I intend having as good conversation with my wife and then with my team as a result of this programme. It will make a big difference in my life and in their lives.” Municipal Manager, Local Government.