Building Resilience provides training and support for the Retrenchment Process in South Africa

The retrenchment process in South Africa can be fraught with uncertainty and stressful times.  Unfortunately retrenchment can be one of the large-scale organisational changes an organisation is forced to make.  Retrenchment is devastating for employees losing their jobs, as well as those remaining in the organisation.  Make sure you incorporate Resilience training into your retrenchment process and policy to help employees build their inner strength to be able to cope with this life changing transition.

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Building Resilience: Life after retrenchment 

This tailored training programme has been designed to provide practical support and advice for retrenched people.  They will learn:

  • Financial implications.  We help delegates grab the bull by the horns so to speak and review their finances.  Money worries can be a huge cause of stress and we help to provide options and impartial, expert advice through our partnership with senior Old Mutual Financial Advisers.
  • Career and personal goals.  We encourage delegates to take stock and review their goals.  We facilitate compassionate appraisal of goals and help set new goals and more importantly, income generating goals for each individual.
  • Skills to gain formal employment.  We understand how daunting it can be to be faced with re-entering the job market, particularly under these difficult circumstances.  We help build confidence in delegates and provide practical help for contacting recruitment agents, compiling a professional CV and answering potentially awkward questions about reasons for seeking employment.
  • Small business overview.  We provide delegates with the basics of starting their own business. Financial decisions are key to the success of a small business and we cover the basics from starting from scratch, buying a business, pricing, competition and tax obligations.

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