Organisational Development and Change Management in South Africa 

Equip your staff with the right tools and skills to embrace and cope with organisational change and development. By building their personal resilience they will be better able to withstand the pressures any new changes bring and ultimately emerge stronger and more robust.

As organisations change and adapt to new circumstances in the market place, this can create unwanted, stressful change and uncertainty for employees. Any difficult organisational events such as major change initiatives, new technologies, mergers or even downsizing can all negatively impact on employees.  Ensure employees have inner strength, toughness and flexibility to be able to cope and bounce back from stressful changes and situations.

A visionary strategy that delivers competitive advantage involves change.

People resilience is the vital element in making strategy work. Resilience enables people in all levels of the organisation cope with setbacks, unwelcome change and keeps the pressures from work and life challenges positive:

  • Leaders need to cope with their own stress, and to display this resilience in their leadership. They also need the tools to coach their Team Members when their resilience is lagging.
  • Team Members need to be able to stay task focused and productive whilst experiencing disruptive and even unwelcome change. They need to be able to keep home and work stress separate, and not allow negative stress from one area to influence the other.

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 Building Resilience: “Strength for Life” 

With over 13 years experience in training in South Africa, Southern Africa, Australia and the UK, the Building Resilience workshops are South Africa’s choice to deliver proven, outstanding results.

Choose the Building Resilience training programme to ensure your staff are aligned for Change Management initiatives and they will experience:

  • Ability to remain productive. Be able to remain task focused and productive whilst experiencing tough times.
  • Stronger self. Delegates have reported emerging from challenging situations stronger and more resourceful.
  • Stronger teams.  Leaders  who implement or have to manage large-scale change can address uncertainty and resistance, coach individuals’ resilience and build trust, ultimately building better, stronger teams. 
  • Practical tools. Learn strategies to overcome stress, achieve personal goals and change negative thinking.
  • Life changing training. More than a thousand delegates reported that the training changes  the way they deal with adversity at work and at home. 

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So Building Resilience is key …. But what exactly is Resilience?

Resilience can be defined as ‘bouncing back from adversity, healing and emerging stronger’.  Life isn’t easy.   There is difficulty and struggle both at home and in the work place.  Coping with these normal difficulties, stress, disappointments and hardships requires internal strength or resilience.  It enables you to cope with unsettling changes where you feel anything from just a little bit of your comfort zone to downright not coping! And once you’re able to cope with difficult times and overcome it, you’ll be happier and more robust and be able to remain focused and productive in the work place.

With delegates consistently giving the workshop above 92% satisfaction rating your staff will emerge more resilient and ready to cope with organisational change.  Chose the Building Resilience team to deliver expert training for you.

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Building Resilience training is key to successful Change Management in South Africa